Covid Update to Quebec Customers

May 1st, 2020

Dear Customers,

As we continue to adapt our services to Covid-19, we would like to thank you for your support. We know and understand that things have not been easy for you at the farm. In addition, we want to recognize the dedication of our employees. We are proud of their
commitment to providing you with the services you need with our ‘No Contact’ protocol. From the field to the lab, as well as data processing, software support and customer service, our team is there for you.

From coast to coast, testing and sample collection has continued strong and we are now averaging at 85 to 90% of our regular volume. We are grateful for your loyalty and proud of our employees.

Despite our efforts, the herds that are most affected are the ‘Publishable/Supervised’ herds, as well as those not able to collect their own samples. In response to this situation, the Industry Standards Committee, comprised of industry partners, have recommended adjustments to the Publishable requirements to allow for greater flexibility. Temporarily, changes have been made to allow for unsupervised testing as well as increased flexibility in sampling. Your Lactanet staff has likely updated you on the details, however, you can also view the temporary changes here.

Some parts of the country have outlined plans to reopen business activities gradually. We are monitoring this information and modifying procedures for our staff to return to the farm and provide sample collection. This will vary from region to region according to the recommendations from government public health authorities. We will keep you informed.

We thank you again for your support and wish you all the best as we collectively continue to navigate through this unprecedented situation.

The Lactanet Management Team

April 3, 2020

Dear customers,

As the majority of Lactanet’s services meet the criteria defining essential services, we have organised our services to serve you as well as possible while observing all the hygiene and disinfection rules recommended for everyone’s safety and also to participate in the great collective effort to combat Covid-19. Consequently, additional security measures and changes in the movements of our employees are put forward to meet this objective.


All our services are offered “without contact” from the collection of samples at the farm to the laboratory, including disinfection of the boxes on the way to and from the laboratory, our staff is equipped with disinfection equipment, gloves, etc. You will find the list of measures here for Quebec. Compliance with all the measures we implement is mandatory and we ask for your cooperation and understanding. Good communication with your technician will be a key element in the successful implementation of these measures.


The collective effort also requires us to reduce employee travel. We are reorganizing collection routes to ensure that our technicians collect all samples from a territory over a period of two days a week. Our technicians are instructed to work with their clients to agree on collection days. This procedure will be “without contact” until further notice. The sample bottles contain a preservative agent (pill) to ensure that the quality of the sample is maintained until the time of analysis. It is possible that the analysis time may be slightly longer than usual, but we will do our utmost to ensure that this is not the case.


The GESTALAB pregnancy test can be particularly useful in this time of crisis. The procedure for sending us the samples is also contact-free. If you wish to carry out GESTALAB tests, we suggest that you contact your Lactanet technician who will explain how to proceed.

Please note that all our laboratory analysis services are always available except for feed and water analysis which, for the moment, are considered non-essential.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.