Covid Update to Ontario Customers

Dear Ontario Customers,

Two weeks ago the Government of Ontario mandated that all non-essential services stop operating and we made the decision at the time to stop offering our milk recording services.

After careful consideration following consultation with government officials, we are resuming services with a strict “NO CONTACT” procedure. To ensure the safety of your family and our staff, we will be implementing enhanced biosecurity protocols.

Please note that milk recording services were deemed essential and continued uninterrupted in all other provinces in Canada. While we are now resuming services in Ontario, it will be entirely your choice to take advantage of our services during this time period.

We have organized our services to serve you as well as possible, while observing hygiene and disinfection guidelines for everyone’s safety.  Consequently, strict biosecurity measures are being implemented to meet this objective.


All our services will be offered without contact from the collection of samples at the farm to the laboratory. This includes the disinfection of the boxes on the way to and from the laboratory. Our staff are equipped with disinfection equipment, gloves, etc. and you will find the detailed procedure and list of measures here.

Also, we are asking that field staff DO NOT enter any of your premises or barn office to retrieve sample boxes or information. They will be in touch with you to discuss the best location on your farm to exchange sample boxes.

Compliance with the measures outlined is mandatory and we ask for your cooperation and understanding. Good communication with your field staff representative will be key in the successful implementation of these measures. 


The collective effort also requires us to reduce employee travel. We are reorganizing collection routes to ensure that our staff collect all samples from a territory as efficiently as possible in collaboration with their clients. Therefore, you may have a different Customer Service Representative.


The GestaLab milk pregnancy test can be particularly useful at this time when farm visits and in-person interactions are limited. If you would like more information, or wish to go forward with GestaLab testing, simply contact your Lactanet representative who will explain how to proceed.

Please note that all laboratory analysis services continue to be available (GestaLab, Mastitis4, etc).

Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation. Stay well.