COVID-19 – Service levels by province

Building our ‘new normal’ together!

We are preparing to resume the delivery of all services for our customers. You will find here our expected COVID emergency response levels for each province.

Each one of us must live in this ‘new normal’, which will be our daily life for several months to come, and together we are adapting to a changing environment quickly. 

Provincial Status

Updated June 5th, 2020

  • BC, AB, SK, MB, QC, NB, NS, NFLD & PEI:
    • On-Farm Sampling with Mandatory PPE (Level 2)
  • ON :
    • No Contact Farm Visits and No Sample Collection Service (Level 3)

This is a summary of our COVID emergency response levels:

Level 0


Routine Farm Services

  • Regular routine on-farm sanitation and hygiene practices
Level 1

Cautious On-Farm Sampling


Routine Farm Services

  • Staff & farm employee health check confirmed in advance
  • Social distancing on-farm (2 meters) to minimize customer contact
  • Advanced hygiene/sanitation practices
  • Staff PPE optional
Level 2

On-Farm Sampling with Mandatory PPE

Routine Farm Services

Level 1, plus:

  • Staff PPE is mandatory (gloves, mask, glasses, disinfectant, etc.)
Level 3

No Contact Farm Visits and No Sample Collection


No Contact Farm Services

Level 2, plus:

  • No milk sample collection by staff – owner sampled services only
  • Staff may enter the office/barn with no direct customer contact (mask required)
  • Robot sampler set-up/removed if no customers present (mask required)
Level 4

No Entry and No Contact Farm Visits

No Entry – No Contact Farm Services

Level 3, plus:

  • Staff cannot enter barn/buildings
    • Exception is robot sampling device set-up/removal if no customers present
  • eDHI services available
Level 5

No Farm Visits and Lab Services Available

No On-Farm Services

  • All farm services suspended
  • Labs operational with direct shipping of samples from farm to the lab only
  • eDHI services available
Level 6

No Farm or Lab Services

No Farm Services

  • All farm services suspended
  • All lab services suspended – no milk samples accepted by labs
  • eDHI services available