Lactanet combines the strength of three partners

Lactanet Resolutions

Resolutions are intended to be formal statements to indicate support, satisfaction, dissatisfaction or concern for matters relating to the direction, policies, programs and/or services of an organization.  Lactanet resolutions are non-binding, but intended to provide direction for the Board to consider.

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Lactanet, a new beginning!


June 3rd marked the official launch of Lactanet! To celebrate this new beginning, a maple tree has been planted at both the Guelph and Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue offices.

From our new Board Chair, Barbara Paquet, “Planting a tree means making a commitment to take care of it in order to see it grow and flourish. Lactanet, like this tree, will grow to become the premier source of information and innovative solutions for dairy producers and industry partners”


Looking to the future with Lactanet


Why Lactanet?