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Lactanet Non-Binding Resolutions

Resolutions are intended to be formal statements to indicate support, satisfaction, dissatisfaction or concern for matters relating to the direction, policies, programs and/or services of an organization.  Lactanet resolutions are non-binding, but intended to provide direction for the Board to consider.

Download a PDF of the Resolutions form here.

1. Eligibility:

a. Resolutions may only be submitted by a licensed Canadian dairy farmer who signs the form and agrees to the terms and conditions of the resolutions process;
b. Resolutions must be supported by four other licensed Canadian dairy farmers who are willing to have their names listed publicly as supporting the resolution – though they do not need to provide a signature;
c. Resolutions must be related to Lactanet products, services or policies and must be written in a respectful manner to be considered.

2. Deadline:

a. All resolutions must be received by the Lactanet Secretary to the Board by March 1, 2021 (5:00pm EST); Resolutions may be submitted by regular mail (Secretary to the Board, 660 Speedvale Avenue West, Guelph, ON, N1K 1E5), by email (resolutions@lactanet.ca), or by fax at 519-824-2434.

3. Posting and Presentation of Resolutions:

a. All eligible resolutions shall be posted to the Lactanet website on March 22,2021 along with any relevant related background information associated with the resolution as deemed appropriate by Lactanet. At the discretion of the Board, Resolutions that are similar in nature may be combined for efficiency;
b. Each person (or their designate) who has submitted an eligible resolution shall have the opportunity to publicly present their Resolution on March 31, 2021 for a maximum of five (5) minutes using an electronic format (simultaneous translation will be provided). In the event that Resolutions are combined due to a similar subject, the resolution that was received earliest shall have the first opportunity to speak on behalf of the issue. Alternatively, the specified speaker may designate one of their supporters or the Mover of a combined resolution.

4. Public Comment Period:

a. All Canadian dairy farmers shall have the opportunity to share their comments via written electronic format during the period of April 5-16, 2021. All postings must be written in a respectful manner; be related to the topic, and include the name and province of the individual.  Any postings not meeting the criteria shall be subject to removal.

5. Voting on Resolutions:

a. All licensed dairy farmers shall have the opportunity to vote (one vote per dairy farm) by electronic means on each of the resolutions during the period of April 19-28, 2021;
b. The results of the voting shall be tabulated and posted for general information on April 30, 2021.

6. Next Steps:

a. The Board shall consider the resolutions during the summer in conjunction with their summer board meeting and annual budget and planning processes;
b. The Board shall provide an update on the status of the resolutions on October 4, 2021. This update shall indicate which resolutions, if any, may receive further consideration/action by the Board.