Lactanet offers a wide range of products and services for Canadian dairy producers from coast-to-coast.


Milk Recording

From data collection, sample collection and genetic certification, we’ve got you covered.  Milk recording can help you improve the profitability and sustainability of your dairy farm, and help you make better decisions to reach your herd goals faster.  The results from your herds’ milk sampling are presented in dynamic reports that allow you to measure the progress of individual animals and your entire herd.

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Herd Management Software

We offer herd management software solutions and provide excellent technical support for dairies of all sizes. DairyComp is the most advanced herd management software system in the industry and will help you make the best decisions possible. > Discover DairyComp


On-Farm Advisory Services

Advisory services provide cutting-edge expertise, centered on your objectives, providing you with the information you need to make the best business decisions for your farm. Our team of advisors can guide you toward reaching your goals in different aspects of your herd management such as feeding, reproduction, dairy planning, animal comfort and well-being. We can assist organic dairy producers (or those transitioning to organic dairy production), farms with or transitioning to automated milking systems, as well as, goat or large herds. Our advisory services can be tailored to your specific needs.

On-farm advisory services in Quebec and Atlantic provinces


Knowledge and Technology Transfer

We are committed to education and awareness on the many aspects of the technical and economic performance of dairy herd management. We provide dairy producers and other stakeholders with in-class group sessions, personalized on-site visits, small group workshops and on-line webinars or tutorials.  In addition to research and collaboration in industry projects, we also share our expertise worldwide.

Knowledge transfer services in Quebec and Atlantic provinces


Data processing and information transfer

We process dairy production data for all of Canada. Producers and industry partners benefit from our unique data bank that receives dairy production data from six labs and more than 225 field technicians on a daily basis. This large pool of standardized information allows for comparative local, provincial and national statistics and benchmarks to help you better manage your herd and ultimately strengthen Canada’s competitiveness in the dairy industry.


Genetic Services

Lactanet provides leadership in dairy herd improvement through genetic evaluation services. This includes, but is not limited to the calculation and publication of genetic evaluations for all dairy breeds in Canada. We also participate in genetic research in the area of dairy cattle improvement.

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DairyTrace is a national animal traceability program administered by Lactanet Canada, in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC). Alongside DFC’s proAction® initiative, DairyTrace provides protection, prosperity and peace of mind to the Canadian dairy industry and its customers. >Discover DairyTrace